Alternatech Solution

Company Profile

       Over the years, renewable energy, clean or "green" energy, sustainability, and corporate responsibility have become primary concerns and this gave way to the establishment of our company in 2014.
      Our knowledge of the complex energy markets enables us to maximize value from our clients' daily energy consumptions. Our distributed energy solutions consist of SOLAR PANEL, VERTICAL WIND MILL, ON AND OFF GRID INVERTER, GEL BATTERY, and LED LIGHTS; are offered to commercial, industrial and household clients.

      We optimize energy resources to deliver the benefits of a more reliable, energy secured, price stable, quality power improved and integrated renewable energy for everyone.
      Our team of highly-skilled workers from researchers and technicians can ensure cost efficiencies at every stage of a certain project. We also secure cooperation from and with local communities, authorities and energy companies - so we can execute the best results.

      Our country currently relies on coal, oil, and natural gas for its energy. These are mostly non-renewable, expensive and detrimental to our environment. To mitigate the problem, our company also focuses on social and environmental responsibilities by creating awareness among individuals and redefining the proper use of energy by providing relevant information on the newest technology such as switching to low-carbon energy sources, using renewable materials, and educating our clients on energy efficiency among others.
      At present, we are happy that our company is becoming one of the preferred energy distributors in the country and for this reason, our passion, expertise, teamwork and relentless focus on customer satisfaction remains intact.