GPS Tracker & SOS Communicator

Widely recommended to special population like preschoolers, younger pupils, the elderly, people with poor eyesight, people with intellectual disabilities and Alzheimer's disease patients

Would they have enough time to call if an emergency happened ?

Elderly and preschoolers need an emergency communication the most.

Your child lost and don't know
what to do ?

You would be worry if your child didn't go back home on time after playing outside.

If your elderly family member
suddenly attacked by a disease.

You would be burned with anxiety if you miss your elderly parents seeking for help.

Is there anything we can do to keep our love ones safe on these tragedy ?

Shall we buy a mobile phone for them to respond to emergencies ?

Mobile phones could turn to be useless in emergency situation. It usually acclaimed functions are complicated to operate. GPS Tracker & SOS Communicator is very helpul to your children and elderly in case of emergency. Click to Call , must for quick emergency's response. Avoid misdialing and random calls. One click will start communication in emergencies.

This tracker was designed for people security and positioning, the company assume no liability or responsibility for any behaviors violate other individual's privacy.

All GPS have some position error, the reference positions indicated by this product are for you reference only, may also have errors. There may be delays caused by telecom carrier at certain circumstance. Our company is exemption from liability to security of person and property.

GPS Tracker & SOS Communicator Specification

GSM Network GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
GPRS standard Class 12, TCP/IP
GPS locating time 30sec with cold boot (under the open sky)
29sec with warm boot (under the open sky)
5sec with hot boot (under the open sky)
GPS Positioning accuracy 10-15m
Working ptemerature -20° C ~ +70° C
Working humidity 5% ~ 95% RH
Host size 40X34 X14mm
Host weight 27g
Main Features :

GSM quad-band network, GPS location
Tracking via Internet / iPhone APP/ Android APP / we chat / SMS
Click for SOS
Click for call
2 way communication
Hand-free for talk
Quiet care
Low battery alert
Change SIM alert

Who need this Smart GPS Tracker & SOS Communicator ?


Younger Students


People with poor eyesight

People with Intelectual Disabilities

People with Alzheimer

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