GSM Tracker & Door Alarm

This smart door was designed for home and asset location and communication, there was no liability or responsibility for any behaviors violate other individual's privacy.

While the thief open your door, this GSM Tracker & Smart Door Alarm will call you immediately.

It is designed to guard against theft, positioning for property, home guard security. With remote listening function and APP control, you are easy to control all of your devices. And it's suitable for the anti-theft of car, home and warehouse. When your car is levered, moved or around voice over than intended scope, V13 door alertor will alarm you by message or call. The RF-V13 will ensure your car safety, always care for your car, family, and the valuables in the safe. Low battery and SIM-changing alert, you can charge the battery timely, super long-time stand-by to meet your different needs. A small and portable GSM tracker, you are deserve to own it!

Important, please attention:

1. This smart door alarm was designed for home and asset location and communication, our company assumes no liability or responsibility for any behaviors violate other individual’s privacy.
2. Due to external factors all GSM devices have position error, so the position provide by this device just for reference only.
3. There may be delays caused by telecom operators at certain circumstance. Our company doesn’t assume liability for users’ personal and property safety


GSM Network 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
GPRS standard Class 12, TCP/IP
Working temperature -20 ~ +70
Working humidity 5% ~ 95% RH
Host size 40x34 x14mm
Host weight 27g
Main Features :

GSM quad band network, LBS location
Website/IOS APP/Android APP/SMS ;multiple set and tracking
Open/close door alarm
Voice sensor alarm
Vibration sensor alarm
Voice monitoring
Low battery alarm
SIM changing alarm
Long time standby

Prepare for work:

Please choose GSM network-based Micro-SIM card (same as Iphone4) for the product. And please note:
a. Please be sure the tracker is turn off before insert or take out the Micro-SIM.
b. Please be sure the GPRS and Caller ID has been activated.

Power on
Press power button 3S, when indicator flash it means power on, when indicator light flash fast it show s that the tracker search network successfully.

APP binding and function setting:

1. Scan the User manual cover QR code to install the APP.
2. Enter the ID number and password to login, the default password is 123456.
3. Confirm the smart door online, the corresponding instruction set can be achieved.
Real-time Tracking: show the last position and trace.
Historical route: display the historical.
Geo-fence: set and display geo-fence area,when the smart door get into or get out the geo-fence then it will send a alert SMS.
Device message: display the alert list.
Alarm setting: get the remind via APP when alarm
Logout: logout the APP,and never get the alarm remind via APP.

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