Smart Watch Phone

The smartwatch can allow you to receive messages, communicate and the likes, while your hands remain free for use. The idea here is that it'll be "less distracting" to the user since instead of receiving constant messages and drawing his/her smartphone, the user can briefly see if different notifications are relevant or not.

Sleek, stylish and doggone handy, here are reasons why a wrist near you might enjoy wearing a smartwatch.


You can walk around town listening to music on your watch phone in your wrist

Stay informed

Get alerts about breaking news and weather, great for helping make sure your travel plans don’t hit any unexpected roadblocks.

Use voice search

Ask a question or text a friend hands-free, all while buying movie tickets or waiting in the checkout line.

Get directions

With the car packed and your crew buckled up, get turn-by-turn directions (as long as your phone is in the car with you).

Respond to messages on the fly

Access emails and messages and reply to them right from your smartwatch.

Product Selling Point :

Appearance vogue, extreme thin; Thickness of the whole machine :11.8 mm
HD TFT display, 2.5D arc high sensitive capacitive touch
Natural high facial silicone strap
Metal Frame, strong and durable
Ultrasonic sound cavity closed aluminum film
500 mAh Polymer battery capacity
Variety colors, variety of mood , variety of UI theme, show different styles


RAM 128MB + 64 MB
Support 32 GB Max Micro SD Card
LCD 1.54" GD
TFT : 240 x 240 pixel
Touch Panel 2.5 D radian capacitive touch screen, OGS
Camera 1.3 MP
Battery 500 mAh Polymer Battery